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Individual drug exports 

We procure unlicensed medicines for pharmacies, hospitals and wholesalers safely and quickly for use in therapy.

Safe & fast

Dispatch of medicines

We search worldwide for the medicine you need, import and test it at our site in Germany, and then export it to the desired destination country (individual export).
This includes innovations, emergency medicines, specials and orphan drugs, 
to name but a few of the items on offer.We also supply medicines for use on a named-patient basis. 

To close therapeutic drug gaps worldwide, we focus on supplying (as yet) unlicensed medicines (specials) as part of Managed Access Programs (SLM: Special Licensed Medicines).

Closing the therapeutic gap

Rapid help in the event of supply bottlenecks

Our goal is to mitigate the impact of drug shortages on patients and the healthcare system.

If a drug from a particular manufacturer is not available, in many cases, we can offer a drug with the same active ingredient from another manufacturer.  Thanks to patient-specific imports, we offer alternatives for medicines affected by supply shortages, such as vaccines.

Our customers 

Pharmacies & Hospitals

Pharmaceutical wholesalers

Doctors & Veterinarians

Government Agencies

Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

Why is a medicine not available?

Medicines may not be available in the destination country for a variety of reasons. The most common reasons are:

  1. The drug has not (yet) been approved, e.g. innovations.
  2. There are supply bottlenecks for the medicine, e.g. vaccines.
  3. The drug has been taken off the market for economic reasons.
  4. It is a drug for treating rare diseases, e.g. orphan drugs.
Our strength

Fast delivery even of hard-to-find medicines

With over 50 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry, we know what makes a good supplier: we procure even hard-to-find medicines quickly and reliably! And at fair prices.
Our strength is quota medicines. This refers to medicines that manufacturers only supply to wholesalers in limited quantities. 
We also transport refrigerated products safely and in a GDP-compliant manner.

Fast & secure delivery

We deliver German products throughout the EU in max. 24 hours and outside the EU in max. 72 hours.

Temperature-controlled transport for up to 96 hours

Safe & GDP-compliant transport in va-Q-tec cool box

Worldwide research and procurement

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Multiple certificates and awards!

Our certificates speak for our high-quality and reliable work.

More about quality

Our team of multilingual Key Account Managers guarantees personal and customised advice.
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