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Suppliers & Partners

Become one of ilapo’s pharmaceutical suppliers.

International & global

Suppliers and service providers wanted for pharmaceutical wholesale!

At ilapo we are looking for reliable pharmaceutical suppliers and transport service providers for international pharmaceutical wholesale. 
Every day, we search for urgently needed medicines for use in patients’ therapy worldwide. Sometimes, we are literally looking for a needle in a haystack – help us to find it!

Become one of ilapo’s pharmaceutical suppliers. We will answer all your questions about qualifying as an ilapo supplier. We also support you with our know-how on the subject of risk management.

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Why ilapo?

Our growth is your growth!

ilapo is one of the major suppliers in the international pharmaceutical wholesale trade. We supply pharmacies, wholesalers and veterinarians. As the market leader for individual imports to supply German pharmacies, we have already received several awards 

.Our particular strength: due to our structures, we are always able to reliably deliver your products to where they are needed. And we take an innovative approach. For our suppliers, this means that they can grow with us. Another advantage for you: we can make a difference thanks to our very strong industry network. We exchange ideas with other market players to keep our experience, know-how and solutions up-to-date, and we put together proposals for legal framework conditions.

See for yourself!

Awards from renowned company competitions and certifications are a great thing, as they say a lot about our efforts to ensure high quality and our successes. We are pleased that our hard work has been recognised.
You can find our most important awards and certifications here

Awards and certifications
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Become a transport service provider for importing and exporting pharmaceuticals!

What would international pharmaceutical wholesale be without the safe transport of medicines? That's why we are looking for transporters for this responsible essential task to expand our network.

Are you a specialist logistics company with a Europe-wide network and experience in transporting medicines and the associated GDP requirements?
Then write to us – we look forward to hearing from you!

Why ilapo?

We are looking for business partners who share our values and goals.

  1. We are looking for partners with whom we can establish long-term relationships.
  2. We work together to guarantee the security of supply chains.
  3. This collaboration takes place at the highest level and is GDP-compliant.
  4. We ensure reliability and speed across all processes involving the import and export of medicines and want partners who can guarantee this in return. We rely on pharmaceutical expertise and need support from our partners as specialists on site.

This is what we do for you!
The long-term nature of our cooperation, which we strive for, offers each of our partners the security that all their investments in ensuring high-quality work are worthwhile. 

We are also proactive in:

  1. Promptly communicating all framework conditions of a legal nature that affect our collaboration.
  2. Always remaining available to you.
  3. Giving you access to our know-how.
  4. Keeping ourselves up-to-date.
  5. Our growth is your growth.


Get in touch and become part of our team!