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Quality & Sustainability

Everything about our quality assurance and audits.

Certified & award-winning

High quality standards are a priority to us!

Awards from renowned company competitions and certifications are a great thing, as they say a lot about our efforts to ensure high quality and our successes. We are pleased that our hard work has been recognised.

You can find our most important awards and certifications here: 

Quality management certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015


Quality management certified according to our GDP certificate


Climate-neutral company


Pharmaceutical wholesale licence


Pharmaceutical Wholesale License for Veterinary Medicinal Products


Safe & gapless

ilapo provides a secure and fully traceable supply chain through:

  1. Worldwide research for medicinal products in the ilapo database, in international lists and databases of medicinal products as well as via our long-standing suppliers.
  2. Examining all legally relevant requirements, such as the Medicinal Products Act (AMG), Ordinance on Trading in Medicinal Products (AM-HandelsV), Good Distribution Practice (GDP), Export Administration Rules (AWV), Narcotics Act (BtMG), customs law, etc., also falls within our remit.
  3. We can also issue a quotation containing details on availability, active ingredients, conditions, delivery times, batches, etc.
  4. We order from competent suppliers worldwide, who we carefully select through extensive screenings and monitor with the help of regular audits.
  5. We implement or organise customs clearance for imports and exports.
  6. We test and document incoming medicinal products for all safety-relevant characteristics.
  7. We store medicinal products in temperature-controlled rooms.
  8. We work with competent logistics partners who use temperature-controlled transports with validated active or passive cooling systems, including data logger monitoring.

This is done either using validated active or passive cooling systems with data logger monitoring and documentation.

Our quality management certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and GDP certificate.

Women in the Garden

That is important to us!

ilapo has long been committed to achieving an ecological and sustainable future. To determine ilapo's impact on the environment, we had an emissions balance drawn up in 2018.
Measures were derived from this evaluation to further reduce emissions going forward:

At approx. 2.2 tonnes of CO2 per employee, we have already achieved a good to very good result compared to other companies of the same size in our sector.

To compensate for the emissions that have not yet been saved, we have purchased certificates, for example for the VCS + CCBS Forest Conservation Brazil project to protect the rainforest, thus making ilapo climate neutral.

Our website has also been carbon neutral since 2022, because every page view on our website also generates emissions - a fact not everybody is aware of. We were also able to offset these emissions via

We are a climate-neutral company!

B-1-MU Climate Neutral Company Certificate 2022

Quality & Sustainability

This comes naturally to us!

We guarantee fair remuneration for our employees as well as a comprehensive qualification and employee development concept, a company health management system and good work-life balance, so that long-term employment relationships create joy and meaning for all involved and lead to a high level of employee satisfaction.  
We are committed to diversity and equal opportunities, condemn bullying and work to ensure that labour and human rights are also respected throughout our supply chain. 
We use environmentally friendly packaging materials wherever possible and have set up a reusable box system. We ensure a high recycling rate for our consumables. 
We are an environmentally friendly company and are always setting ourselves new targets in terms of CO2 emissions, energy consumption and our consumables, for example. 
We have clear policies against corruption and fraud. In order to provide our clients with the highest possible level of safety, we screen our external stakeholders through due diligence. 
Pen with Paper
Trust & honesty

We operate in a responsible way.

The basic values of responsible operation, such as trust, honesty, reliability and credibility are a matter of course for us. In this way, we strive to be  a respectful employer and to continuously reduce our use of energy and resources. Through “Corporate Social Responsibility” (CSR), we systematically record and shape our corporate responsibility, thus creating added value for the company and society. This enables us to reduce costs, minimise risks, increase productivity and enhance competitiveness, also in terms of competition for new skilled workers.
We have decided to voluntarily publish a policy statement alongside the requirements of the Supply Chain Act on our human rights and environment-related activities. 

We support charitable projects.

Sponsoring member of  ‘APOTHEKER HELFEN e. V.’

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see project

Supporting member of  ‘Pharmacists without Borders’

Pharmacist behind window
see project

Supporting the ‘Obdachlosen Ambulanz’

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