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Here you will find frequently asked questions answered in one place.

Basic information

Here you will find important information for companies that are not based in Germany.

We operate on a JUST IN TIME basis. This means that goods are delivered immediately before they are required. This way you always received the latest expiries.
We do not import controlled substances. We only export drugs controlled in Germany.
Because we need to comply with approval procedures and legal standards as well as special requirements for shipping pharmaceuticals in accordance with the BTMG (German Narcotics Act).
It takes 2-3 months to obtain the handling license for narcotics. After we receive the import license from you, we contact the German Federal Narcotics Bureau to apply for the export license. It takes another month to receive the license. Please send us your import permit via email so that we can check to make sure it is acceptable before you send the original by regular mail. The German Chamber of Commerce does not issue a COO to us because this would require proof that the item is produced in Germany (and this can only be done by the manufacturer, not by a wholesaler).
The EU's Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) was enacted on February 9, 2019. Among other things, this regulation stipulates that prescription drugs may only be marketed in packaging that includes a serial number and a tamper-evident seal. The serial numbers are stored in a central IT database.
The manufactured units are booked into the system by scanning the packaging after production. Before they can be handed over to the end customer, the serialized and clearly identifiable goods must be checked and validated again at the point of sale (e.g., pharmacy) by scanning the data matrix printed on the packaging.
As soon as the goods leave the EU, they need to be decommissioned. Exceptions are not possible.
The Falsified Medicines Directive clearly specifies cases in which we are required to decommission the stock (EU export). We are obligated to comply with FMD guidelines.
In accordance with GDP rules, we have to verify you as a customer before you can place an order.
This always depends on the manufacturer. Some manufacturers won’t provide a COA.
The German Chamber of Commerce does not issue a COO to us because this would require proof that the item is produced in Germany. This can only be done by the manufacturer, not by a wholesaler).
Only with a special carrier (not a parcel service) can we determine whether it is possible to replace our shipment documents against yours and arrange a blind shipment. However, in many cases this is not possible because the original shipment documents are required for customs clearance.
ilapo uses special cool boxes and can add a datalogger.
There is an exception for medicines shipped over land. According to special provision 601 in the ADR: "Ready-to-use pharmaceutical products (drugs) manufactured and packaged for retail or distribution for personal or domestic use are not subject to the requirements of ADR." Unfortunately, this exemption does not apply to transport via ship (inland waterways only).
Most of the low-price packs are reimports or parallel imports. We do not sell these because reimports are medicines that are produced in Germany and exported to other EU countries where they are purchased at a lower price and reimported back to Germany. The repackaging in other countries sometimes destroys the counterfeit-proof, protective devices used by the original manufacturer. Also, the growing number of wholesalers and middlemen means that a drug can pass through many hands in many places before it reaches the patient. We want to avoid a long supply chain in order to guarantee best quality.

Ordering in the online shop

Questions and answers about products and order processing in our online shop.

Our key accountant specialists process your inquiry/order and normally respond to you within 24 hours.
We require prepayment for the first three orders. After these initial payments have been processed without problem, payment will be due within 14 days after invoice.
We inform you about shipment costs based on the chosen shipment method (preferred carrier, express or standard, etc.). Since we do not stock product lines, we handle this manually and cannot give you the estimated shipment cost with our quotes.